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Link to request with id 19-819-8
06/18/19 Link to request SECOND REQUEST! This request is authorized by US FEDERAL LAW and you are required to respond with... Public Works & Utilities Mindy Esqueda
Link to request with id 19-419-4
06/06/19 Link to request This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at... Community Development; Fire City Clerk
Link to request with id 19-319-3
06/06/19 Link to request I'm looking for all records pertaining to real property APN: 018-231-40, including, but not... City Clerk
Link to request with id 19-219-2
05/23/19 Link to request I would like copies of all historical and current building permits for the address 342 Gree... City Clerk
Link to request with id 19-119-1
05/23/19 Link to request See the attached request for Inspector Daily Logs and notice o completion for: 123 Aviation Way,... City Clerk