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Dear City of Watsonville California,


Please find attached our request for public records (California-Watsonville FOIA) which seeks updated information we received in the past. I have also attached the files that we have received in the past and of which we are requesting updated/current information as of the date of our request. This e-mail and request is being sent to the municipal employees that have provided this information in the past. Thank you in advance for your assistance in processing our records request.


Kind Regards,




Alexa Merkert

Professional Finders

Office: (888)450-3930 ext 102


1350 Old Bridge Road, Suite 201

Woodbridge, Virginia 22192


November 12, 2019 via email







Point of Contact

Cynthia Czerwin

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Watsonville California Outstanding Checks and Bonds 071813.pdf
November 15, 2019, 2:20pm
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November 15, 2019, 2:20pm
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Dear Alexa,
In response to your Public Records Act Request, please see the uploaded documents responsive to your request. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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November 15, 2019, 2:20pm
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November 12, 2019, 1:13pm
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November 12, 2019, 1:13pm